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Laura Monka (Schwartz) is an indie author of the children’s book, Willamena. The story follows this seven-year-old girl who is born to a supernatural family. Living in the town’s oldest crypt, Willamena lives with her vampire mother, a zombie dad, and ghostly grandmother. On the day she was born, they discovered Willamena had something no one else in her family did: a fully working heartbeat.

Join the Webbs family in this heartwarming tale about family, unconditional love, and how being unique and different makes you who you are. Schwartz spins a story of being proud of yourself no matter how quirky you and your family may be. You can find Willamena at these retailers and bookstores:

Willamena sold at Barnes and Noble

Willamena on Amazon

From the Author:

“As in all my writing, I poured everything in this story. Willamena is not just a character, but a symbol of bravery, hope, and courage. It would be wonderful if you bought a copy today for the adorable child or children in your life. This book has my heart and soul so deeply ingrained in it and I want you to have a piece of that.

The other genres of writing that consume my time range from working freelance, fantasy and horror novels in the works (with one completed), poetry, microfiction, and short stories. Please keep checking back in the future to read some of my other works.”
Laura Monka is a freelance writer for Mighty Scribes and OCN ( Our Community Now). She is also the Social Media Director/ Staff Writer for the nonprofit online magazine DO YOU ENDO which is the first no BS magazine about endometriosis run by those who suffer from endometriosis. You can visit some of her samples of work in her portfolio here.

You can follow her blog here and up to date information on “Willamena” and Ms. Monka’s other writing.