Welcome to the Musings of My Mind


I am an author of the children’s book, Willamena. As in all my writing, I poured everything in this story. Willamena is not just a character, but a symbol of bravery, hope, and courage. It would be wonderful if you bought a copy today for the adorable child or children in your life. This book has my heart and soul so deeply ingrained in it and I want you to have a piece of that.Willamena on Amazon

The other genres of writing that consume my time range from working freelance, fantasy and horror novels in the works (with one completed), poetry, microfiction, and short stories. Please keep checking back in the future to read some of my other works.

I also write for an online magazine Do You Endo. My articles can be found here. I am accompanied by my #endowarriors and #endobabes who suffer from the same fantasically awful disease endometriosis 💛. Together we can unite to spread awareness and hopefully find a cure in our lifetime. DYE is made up of writers such as myself who do it as a labor of love. Endo is a major issue for me and my fellow #warriors. If you chose to do so, it would be much appreciated to donate to this volunteer run site.

I have stories to tell and hopefully you’ll listen. For right now that’s all I got because not only am I an author but I am also married and the producer of three kids. So stick around and hopefully you’ll find this journey as entertaining as I have.