Labor of Love (Look, another post today…)

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So the entire point of this blog is to get myself out there. And by out there I mean the magical interwebs. “Willamena” is a Self-published book and it was close to a decade ago that I did it. The book is copyrighted including the pictures which I didn’t create nor did they tell me who did so if someone out there thinks they’re slick and tries to steal any of it…don’t. I have said this before- it was a labor of love meaning I put in three grand (my OWN 3000 dollars) in the the book which at the time was my savings but I was also in my mid-20s and living at home and going to college. My expenses were minimal unlike today where I find myself married to the love of my life with 3 adorable but expensive children.

The publisher has many outlets to help advertise for the book but everything cost money so I have me, my husband, and all my friends and family to help push this for me. It’s not just about the money because I only get cut a check on the website when I make $75 or more every quarter. And as of right now I’ve only made about 4 bucks. So I’m serious when I say it is a labor of love. But I do love it and I love writing because it is an outlet for many things and it takes me away and it keeps me centered. I’m trying my hand at freelancing lately. I’m also a contributing writer on this site for women who suffer with endometriosis ( My article hasn’t landed on it yet but when it does, I will slap that link everywhere. So until then I’m going to attempt to keep this up and throw some of my own stuff on it. So if you do happen to have a couple of bucks on you then I will repeat grab a copy of my book because it’s not just for children. I think people will find something inside the main character who speaks to them. And at some point I will put more information about the main character and how the book came to be in my own personal stuff. But right now I have a Harry Potter marathon to watch and pizza to shove in my pie hole. So peace out peeps.

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