Tidbits about me and my Endo(metriosis)

Let’s dive right in to some personal shit. I have endometriosis. It’s an incurable disease that affects a shit ton of women-more than people want to admit. With endo the crap that comes out when you get your period backs up everywhere. No really…everywhere. It can be in your reproductive organs, which is where it usually hides but in really lucky women and I say lucky in a sarcastic way, it hangs out in your lungs or your gallbladder, your rectum or in some women in rare cases your brain. Some women have it and don’t even know about it until they get surgery that’s unrelated because one of these so-called symptoms of endometriosis is infertility. The other awesome symptoms are pain and heavy bleeding and irregular periods. You can get migraines and IBS symptoms, pain when you pee…basically everything that sucks. The PMS you get is multplied by 100 and you have to have a whole plan when your period happens. Most of us carry an entire extra bag of crap with things that help like meds, small cooling and heating pads, things for nausea, and a million pads and tampons to contain the horror that comes out thanks to these lesions caused by endo. These lesions endo can cause grow and they can be cut out or zapped out by lasers. Or these lesions grow and attach themselves to body parts, binding them all together in one sticky mess.

Most of the time doctors have no idea what to do with you. You know those OBGYN’s-their WHOLE job is to learn and treat your lady bits have zero clue how to help. And this disease can cause even the best of doctors to scratch their heads about what to do. SO they suggest things like birth control, hysterectomies, laparoscopies, pain management, having a kid, and it goes on and on. In some women it does help. BUT if you think you have it just know that getting a lap or hysterectomy or birthing a human doesn’t always help. Because the endo hides in other areas (lungs, brain, rectum, ovaries etc everywhere but the spleen). So you get all your parts out…but it comes back.  I personally have had 3 surgeries and it all came back. I also had 3 children and the pain was WORSE with each pregnancy.   See, if you are lucky to get pregnant with endometriosis you are just focused on that. You spend the whole time worrying if you are going to carry this child full term. Every speck of blood or ache you scrutinize. But I never knew that along with the usual side effects of just being pregnant came the horrible endo side effects too. Yes the pain can ease up. But for me it was ten fold. Twenty fold? A million? I spent six months vomiting all day, fevers, body aches, migraines that left me shivering from the pain. Every light source no matter how dim made me sick. I couldn’t eat. I had insomnia. My back and neck were unbearable. And oh God the cramps…the lesions endo gave me were stretching and tearing. I couldn’t get off the couch without sobbing. I would wake up from whatever sleep I did get in massive agony. It was an endless physical nightmare. Awaiting your child’s arrival should be exciting. This disease does not care about that. It just attacks healthy organs and leaves you fighting day after day.

So that’s the disease I have had torturing me for 26 years. I complain A LOT about it. Sorry. But in any case my hope is to educate anyone who will listen and anyone who thinks they have it.

So go on the google. It’s not in your head if you feel these symptoms . Speak up. And I’m here listening.

Check out a down to earth no bs site about it:



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