When Today Comes But You Can’t Wait For Tomorrow Already

Weekends are usually for fun. You spend the whole week working, running the kids to and from school, go to bed early and wake up before the sun even does. But when you have chronic pain  it effects even the brightest of days.  You wake up today wishing for tomorrow. There are days I look outside and think of everything I would love to do with my family. But then it takes me all day to even move from the couch to the front door. I beat myself up constantly. Today I have food to buy and errands to run. It has to get done. But it will be done later because my Ovaries are sending out throbbing pain.

Basically, don’t beat yourself up. Shit will get done. Take the time to watch your favorite movie or read a few pages in your book. Order a pizza. Snuggle with your loved ones. Everything else can wait for you.

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