#metoo is not people trying to put something catchy to a hashtag. These are men and women who have been taken advantage of. They…no WE have been molested, or raped, or fondled. People in power or just a “regular guy” is given a pass. “Boys will be boys.” “Don’t be a snowflake.” “Whats the matter you have PMS?” Would YOU like to know that every time you leave your house and go to the store to do something as mundane as picking up a gallon of milk, that people say something to you whether it be a man or a woman about your body? Or that every time you walk out the door your husband get sick to his stomach because he scared to death that the mother of his children is going to come back sexually assaulted? You are objectified because you have body parts you never asked for. You have memories that are triggered by the simplest thing like a cloudy day, day camp or the way your pencil falls on the floor… And then the memory comes crashing back. I need you people who think it’s funny to make #metoo jokes or rape jokes to realize you’re an asshole. And then you tell people not to get offended and to stop being sheep. You are joking about the violation of a human being’s body without their permission. You are laughing about somebody’s relationship with their significant other being under duress because they can’t imagine someone that they love touching them or because somebody that they knew or didn’t know wanted to put their hands on a body that wasn’t their own without asking. And even if they did ask the answer was no. But you know you think it’s funny and laugh about saying no means no. Well guess what? NO FUCKING MEANS NO. When you allow people in high positions to get away with abusing people you are in fact telling other people that it’s okay they won’t get caught or if they do get caught don’t worry it doesn’t matter. YOU DON’T EVER GET THE RIGHT TO PUT YOUR HANDS ON ME. EVER.

you don’t get to place your FUCKING hands on anyone

In Middle School a fellow classmate around my boob and I cracked him one in the jaw. I got in trouble. When I told the guidance counselor what I did he laughed and said “Be flattered someone wanted to touch you he’s just flirting with you. Boys-will-be-boys Laura just take it as a compliment”

Please do not ever let anyone put their hands on you. When you say no it should never be taken lightly.



1 800-656-4673

#metoo #doyouendo #nomeansno #donottouchme

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