If you would be so kind, I have attached a bunch of questions for an article I will be working on. It is anonymous; no names will be used in the piece. I would love to hear your experiences with meeting Aunt Flo for the first time and anything else you would care to share. When you are done if you could email me back at with the subject line reading QUESTIONNAIRE Thank you so very much and I hope to hear from you! I originally had a link to google docs but it is giving me troublešŸ˜• so please try the Microsoft one. OR If you would like instead I have it here you can copy and paste into an email. Thank you so much.



Please fill out answers in a different font or color . Please email your finished answers at please write QUESTIONNAIRE in the subject line. Names will NOT be used it will be confidential. Thanks!!

  • At what age did you get your period? What did you think about when it happened?
  • What were your experiences with it at first? What did you think when you had to use pads or tampons etc for the first time? Did you have any pain or excessive bleeding?
  • Did anyone such as your mom, grandmother, sister etc do anything for you? I.e. a coming of age gift etc? How did they react to you getting your period?
  • *if you had abnormal periods*How long until you notice your periods were not normal? Please explain. *if normal please explain experience with them*
  • Do you have a period story or an experience that sticks out to you?
  • When did you first go to a gynecologist? What was your experience with them?
  • If you were diagnosed with any disease or condition, at what age was it? Have you had any surgeries or complications due to this issue?
  • If you could find a way to contact your younger self what would you like to explain to her about your experiences now?

If you have any additional information you would like to contribute please feel free to do so. Thank you for your time!! Don’t forget to e-mail me your answers at subject line QUESTIONNAIRE

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