Friday Night Blues

I am in a house full of humans I created all by procreating with the one that is sleeping on the couch. As a matter of fact all the offspring are sleeping. And here I am, WIDE AWAKE. Sometimes I long for this moment so that I can write, read, or just watch tv without someone making me watch PJ Masks again. Even with 4 other people, why do I still feel so alone? You know that feeling. The one where you could be standing in the middle of a party with a hundred other people but no one can see you. And it’s not because they’re purposely ignoring you they are just going on with the conversation they are engrossed in or the hors d’oeuvres they’re shoving in their face. Who can blame them? Those cheese puffs are delicious.

I am surrounded by work to do and books to read and yet I can’t focus on anything. What’s more frustrating is tomorrow I will wake up feeling refreshed and renewed. Yet I will sit down to do something and then suddenly the name “mommy”will ring out and I will dream of another Friday night to come.

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