PROMPT and Circumstance: Story Cubes

Story prompts…do you use them? Sometimes I like to gaze through a prompt book to give me some ideas. I don’t use the prompt itself but sometimes I will use the subject that the prompt is suggesting. There are many books out there on the market that give us ideas on what to write next. Venturing in Barnes & Noble one day I found these:

Just roll these dice and begin to create. It is also a good way to play a sort of “verbal pictionary” alone or with some friends. As you can see there are a variety of the story cubes and you can either use them separately or mix them together. Tomorrow is Friday night and what better way to celebrate then to make a bowl of popcorn and curl up with your favorite journal and pen and create away. This is also a great tool for you teachers out there. We know how much kids love working in groups šŸ˜ Have them toss these down and together make up a fantastic story. Happy rolling!šŸŽ²šŸŽ²

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