Ask my husband-I am overly stressed. I mean I am driving him absolutely nuts to where he is scolding me to stop stressing out and it’s stressing me that he stressed. I am trying to do my work and the simplest thing is churning my guts. Usually he can calm me down but lately he can’t.

I get shaken easily. Maybe it is because the last professional writing experience left me doubting myself. The positive aspect I was told was “you are a good writer” so I suppose that is something. I wasn’t taught in a field I openly admitted to having zero experience. And I was told it was absolutely fine I will be guided through any mistakes I make. We all make mistakes, that’s how we learn. And as a self proclaimed nerd I love to learn. It won’t be perfect and I know that. But I want everything to go smoothly because who likes that acid bubbling in your stomach feeling? Yes…you know THAT feeling.

So I am taking my husbands advice and trying to distress. After my post the other day about story cubes I found these beauties:

(Flower and rocks not included). I bought them a looooong time ago but flipping through them I recalled my college days and those great creative writing classes I took. I bought these hoping, like the cubes, I would get some inspiration. Those post it tags say that I did.

  • Halloween
  • Magic
  • Urban legend
  • A poll about people contacting the devil
  • Writing from the POV of a murderer

Bit of theme there. But just flipping through those thick pages I remembered it isn’t about end of the journey. It is how you get there. No one wants to hear “…and I got to the top.” We want to listen to the adventures along the way. So we can write a story about a magician pulling a rabbit from his hat. But how did he become a magician? What kind of rabbit? Where did they first get together? Those rabbits are snarky little things. There is no way she came because she was told. Must have been something in it for her besides hanging around in a sweaty top hat.

I going to thumb through my blocky books trying to recapture that other feeling I get while writing: thrill. Maybe that will override the nervouseness I get while attempting to get it right. Although I mostly write fiction. If I don’t I guess I can just make it up!

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