Let’s Talk About Sex

Sex is great. Yet for those of you who lead “normal” sex lives it can be a difficult thing to imagine that sex for some of us is actually a topic that freak us out. Not because we aren’t good at it or we are prudes on the subject. Sometimes there are things (health wise) hindering us from having a good time. For me it’s not just waiting until the clock strikes way past midnight so I have alone time with my husband, but afterwards I never know how I’m going to feel physically. Sometimes (yes it’s TMI time) I bleed a little or a lot. Sometimes I get so nauseous I vomit and the next day I can’t even function because my insides feel scrambled. Of course it is not his fault it’s just my body reacting from the endometriosis (* by the way this is the time where if you experience any of these and you have not been diagnosed with anything do me a favor and go see your doctor to make sure all is well). There are also times his…ahem…bodily liquids reacts to my body in a way that it feels like my insides are on fire and not in a good way. But it still can be good. Breathtakingly wonderful. The pain doesn’t always rear it’s ugly head but if it does the physical pain is worth it. Sex can sometimes be seen as a subject we hush up about. But we are all here because of it- whether we want to think so or not! You may not want to share your sexual conquests or the way you feel or what you do and that’s okay. But know that if there is anything that hurts or weird, you are among those of us who have quirks about our sex life too. And don’t worry there is no judging. So go (safely!) get your freak on.

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