The Abortion Laws That Should Make You Furious

Abortion is being made illegal in Alabama and other states and you should be pissed.

Having a baby is a huge decision and life choice. Not having a baby is just as enormous. There are many reasons why a woman would decide on having an abortion, but none of them should involve the government telling her if she is allowed to do so. Making something extremely illegal will encourage people to go out and get it done in other ways, which can be dangerous and life threatening. We have seen this in the opiate epidemic where even the CDC admitted they went a little too far making up the numbers surrounding it. People are buying illegal drugs because they can’t get their own legally.

Having an abortion is not as easy as simply popping a pill. Most doctors won’t take you until you are 6 to 10 weeks pregnant. By then a baby has already started to develop a heartbeat, organs, and buds that will become arms and legs. It’s a difficult choice to end a life. Abortions are no easy decision for anybody and should never be considered such. No matter what your political or religious views are they should not impact somebody else’s decisions. You don’t know why a woman decides to have an abortion. Maybe she is a rape victim or her child will grow up with Tay-Sachs. The child will die a few years after they are born. Would you want to watch your child grow up to the age of 5 only to know that perhaps soon after they will pass away? Nobody has the right to tell you what to do with your body. You may not support abortion but you should support someone’s choices. THEIR choice, not yours. Decisions such as these are throwing women back into a time we’re staying home was the norm and us trying to vote was laughable.

If states are allowed to continue with bans such as this, what other rights could be at risk to be taken away? If you believe they are doing it because they want you to be safe think again. They themselves think it’s morally wrong but they are not the ones who have to carry the child or financially take care of the child. Telling a woman to close her legs or keeping an aspirin between them as birth control is not an answer. This is not even a feminist issue this is a human being issue. Men should be just as furious. Fathers should be just as angry that people are telling their daughter she can’t have an abortion if it could save her life or somebody viciously raped her.

It is time to stop this clock from going backward even further. It’s time to stand up for human rights everywhere.

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