The Devil You Know

The Local Haunts of NJ were always something my friends and I loved to visit and read about. They helped scare up my own imagination and influenced a few bits of writing too.

Every state claims they have weird happenings that that go bump in the night or local lore that scare children and make grown men run from the woods. Recently people have been accepting invites to Area 51 for what was at first a joke turned party. Regrettably, there is not really a party but it enticed millions of people anyway to see what would be going on . People love to flock to the weird and macabre. Graveyard tours are popular for a reason. Everyone loves a little spooky with their history.

Photo courtesy of Laura Monka

Growing up with our very own satanic creature lurking about has created fantastic stories, all which is more deliciously frightening than the next. Whether the devil may be a cursed child of a New Jersey mother, or merely a figment of our imagination, it is another legend that continues to spread today. There are still sightings in the Pine Barrens, in the woods all hours of the day and night. A few years ago a Pinelands resident said she and her son saw a horrific creature on the roof of her house one winter’s night. Whether you believe it or not one thing is for sure; this state has more secrets lurking about then it has Starbucks on every corner.

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