It’s Been a While 🎢🎡

It’s been quite a while since I have haunted my own blog. After working on my freelancing jobs the last few weeks, my computer began to act a little funky. I gave up on it after the super nice and uber nerdy computer man at Micro Center told me it had a virus, give it a factory reboot. It should go back to normal and if not time for a new one. I ended up doing both and now completely in love with my little, white Chromebook πŸ’• while my barely 12-month-old Acer is used for Netflix.

What I’ve Been Doing

I’ve worked on a NaNoWriMo novel, wrote some πŸ‘» for work, and wonder when will the xmas tree come down πŸ€” I have also been painting on my phone ( Love me that newfangled thing called technology) with the app PenUp.

Lately my body has been kicking me in the ass. Aunt Flow visited and at least 5 months ago. For a person who gets their menstrual cycle and has endometriosis, not hemorrhaging every month is a good thing. It gave me a vacation from not spending 100 buckaroos a month of fem products. However, I’m 37 and wondering if this is it…am I entering menopause? Will my period come back? Is this a shadow of a mustache?

I have had some different things occurring to this sad, broken body. My feet have been swelling like they did during all 3 of my pregnancies, yet this is different. It feels like people are some beating my feet with baseball bats and constantly pulling my bones apart. I have physical bruises and can barely walk. My joint pain in my feet have become almost unbearable. And while I wait to visit my lady doctor, I can only sit here and hope it isn’t anything worse.

Living with chronic pain is a daily hell. Living with any illness is hell. But I hobble on, as we all do. Hang in there fellow warriors.

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