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Werewolf or Moon Goddess?

#Halloween and #DayoftheDead have passed but I still feel a bit…#witchy

I currently wrote about how the moon may affect our Cycles as women. If you are like me then everything in that infinite sky above us fascinates you. Especially that large, white orb that is nestled in the velvety blackness. Can the moon tell our bodies what to do and how to feel? I always felt a connection with my #endometriosis. Every time I would feel crippled with pain, that moon would be shining bright in through the window. Can the lunar cycle be tied with our own? Do we become more creative, desirable, or even tired depending on what phase the Moon is in? Perhaps the next time the moon is out stop and think about how you feel. You never know what you may turn into.

Five hundred 75 Thousand 600 minutes

The writers of the Broadway musical Rent got it right… We often measure our lives with time or crossing days off our calendars which let’s face it…can be extremely satisfying. When I write I often use spoons for amount of words I use. Sometimes writing to me consists of accomplishments I can do during the day due to my chronic illness endometriosis . I find myself struggling through the millions of words that can be rearranged in ways that educate or emotionally touch people . But I think we can all use some sort of gauge to mark the goals in our day and lives. My little stainless steel spoons mark a hundred words. The rubber-tipped chewed up spoons my children have used, I use for every 200 words. It’s easier for me to have a visual on my writing or even dealing tasks during the day. (If there is ever a time you struggle with writing I do recommend finding something to mark a specific amount of words for you pennies, pens, seashells etc), unless this adds extra stress to your situation then by all means don’t worry about it!)

For those who don’t know there are people with chronic illness such as endo, lupus, PCOS, aka “spoonies“. As a child I began a collection of little spoons in addition to tea sets. There was always something about usable tiny tea sets that I loved. Now I have a variety of large mugs I drink my beverages out of like coffee or Moscato. However, I still hold on to my little spoons. They have come in handy for more than just stirring tea in my tiny teacups.

Your day and your life are what you make of it. There are some people who walk around throwing time to the wind all willy-nilly. And good for them, I wish I could live my life that way. But I will remain true to my little spoons, marking the days off my calendar in thick black Sharpie. Perhaps it is a hint of my anxiety makes me mark specific tasks off because, by no means am I organized. I also find the dozens of brightly colored post-its stuck to every possible surface. Whatever helps you remember things or assist you with your own writing is all that matters.

Click on my picture to meet me! My name is Willamena and I live in the cemetery in a crypt with my undead parents…

“Willamena was born with something that her family was quite unfamiliar with… a small but fluttering heartbeat”

Willamena is more than just a story I wrote. It’s a representation of my younger self, a young girl who never had confidence but found her way in this world because she embraced her uniqueness. This colorful children’s book follows  Willamena Webbs who was born on October 31st. Her mother is a vampire but also Dr. Velma Webbs, a dentist who specializes in vampire Dentistry. Her father William is Undead also. He is a zombie contractor. He helps the neighbors find their new “digs” and welcomes them to the neighborhood. Willamena is surrounded by her loved ones; parents who are career and family oriented, her ghostly grandma, and the luminescent pet Bone Bunny. Her parents are quite shocked when Willamena is born with her heart beating but they love her no matter what.

In a society where we find more news stories about children being bullied and picked on, our kids may feel alone because they see themselves as different. Willamena is a beacon of uniqueness and the beauty that comes with it. Let us show our children that our differences are incredible and make us who we are.  Who wants to be the same as everyone else? Let them SHINE.

You can find my debut book “Willamena” on:

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