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Lately I feel swallowed up by life. It keeps overwhelming me and there isn’t anything I can really do for it. Well I CAN but sometimes I just need to be grumpy. Don’t we all? I can be mopey and reserve my pity party of one. And sometimes I do. People who once supported me in my endeavors have faded away. And while I find myself sad by it, I have to realize I myself am the only who who can persevere through it. How? I honestly have no clue. The hands I held for security are gone. So I must hold my own. When you are stuck in a rut you may find yourself looking around for someone else to toss in that life jacket. I am slowly learning I have to learn how to swim. If you are lucky enough to find your saving grace you grab hold.

There are soooo many ways people tell you to hold your own. Don’t feel sad. Don’t be so upset. Cheer up. But while you flounder during your path to find yourself there are things you can do to cheer yourself up. For one, I read. Escaping in someone else’s world even for a while can help you push some of that negative crap away.

Take a drive. I find a neighborhood with those great old Victorian homes and I gawk. The architecture, the history…it is all.amazing to me. But don’t gawk too much. You don’t need to explain to the cops you’re just staring at people’s home. Akward.

Binge watch something. Sometimes you need to shut your mind off. Recommendation? My new Netflix fav “Nailed It!”

Arts and crafts. So what if you hot glue your fingers together? Go find your inner Martha and make something amazing. Or something awful. Just make something. Go to the dollar store and let go.

Bubble bath. Bath bombs are amazing. They are fizzy. They smell great. What’s not to love?

Cook. I recently baked banana bread. Grab a subscription (I love Blue Apron) and cook something. It occupies your time and you create a gourmet meal that’s insta worthy

Don’t count on other people to make you happy. It’s not cynicism. Ok maybe a bit. But YOU count too. It is OK to be a little self absorbed once in while especially when you find yourself stretched thin with work, the kids, and all those other responsibilities. Distract yourself in a good way. There is nothing wrong making yourself happy.

Self Care When Today Is Not Your Friend

First and most importantly…to those who passed on September 11, 2001 and to the families they left behind, Our family hold you in our hearts and thoughts alwaysย 




Last night was the first time in over a week I spent quality time with my husband. All the kids were in bed. Episodes of “Suits” needed to be watched before this coming Wednesday. Snuggling had to commence before a tiny human from either end of our cozy home awoke. Everything was more than perfect besides that teeny tiny throb that began in the back of my head. It could potentially go away OR become my worst nightmare. By the time we were ready for bed my answer was given.


By morning I couldn’t see. My stomach was flopping and every peek of dull, rainy morning light stabbed my eyes. My eldest was off to school and I would be home with my 2 little ones. I wasn’t the full time and ever present mom with them. I felt more guilty than sick. I begged my husband to stay home but we both knew he couldn’t, and my suffering only made him feel awful, which made me feel guiltier than before. My bestie, who suffers from fibro and other awesome stuff like me, was having a TT-Terrible Tuesday as well. We messaged each other throughout the day about our misery. She shut the lights off at work, mine were off at home with only the glow of kid shows for my son to see his toys from the other room. But sick me didn’t care. I remembered having migraines when I was a single girl and thought nothing could be worse. I laugh at her now. She had NO clue.

The day is almost over now. We are in late afternoon. My eyes are still throbbing. My nausea went away. I ate the mashed potatoes I dreamed all day of consuming. My kids are mellow and content. Soon, my husband will be home and I will feel immediately better. But there’s a reason for this complaint. I have to stop feeling guilty for self care. My kids were fine. They were fed and played and happy. Whether we have these chronic diseases or just a bad day, it’s ok to take time for you. Can’t promise you or myself that tomorrow will be better. But I need to pretend for now it will be.

Crappy day? Here is what I do to make it a little less ๐Ÿ’ฉ

  • A Bath. Bath salts, bubbles, petals of whatever…a warm bath melts away everything
  • Yoga. Sometimes I can barely walk and sometimes I can just about touch my toes. But whether it be 2 minutes, 10 minutes, or a full hour, just a little yoga or stretching helps me feel better and more at ease. Besides, don’t you need an excuse to like all those great candles you know you bought at Target?
  • Write or draw. I SUCK at drawing. But I love it. I love painting on small canvases too. For a few bucks you can go to Michaels and get some cheap acrylic paints and a small package of a variety of paint brushes and paint your heart away. I will also sit down at the computer (when the damn thing works)or with my journal armed with copious amounts pens with colored ink. I will draw and doodle until either there is some content or just a bunch of squiggles and flowers.
  • Talk or text to a friend. There are plenty of times we get stressed out and we don’t really want to talk to anybody, but I do have to say talking to someone does make me feel better whether we talk about the subject I am stressed about or just about anything light-hearted to keep my mind from freaking out
  • Binge-watching. Nothing says productivity when you’re upset, stressed out or feeling low like Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon. My guilty pleasures are The Bold type, Legally Blond, Definitely Maybe, America’s Sweethearts , and currently all the Marvel series on Netflix.
  • Junk food. Diets be damned! Grab your favorite paint of Ben & Jerry’s, sit on the couch, and shovel it in your face. No regrets!
  • Read something. Whether it be a book, magazine, blog, or something on Facebook anything that will help reduce a stressful moment is what you want! Of course I must add some of my favorites here which are barely touching the iceberg… Harry Potter, the Divergent series, the Delirium series, some good old-fashioned Edgar Allan Poe, Alice Hoffman anything, and The Hunger Games. I have an entire library of hundreds so if you’re anything like me you spend most of the time just staring at the titles wondering what to read next. And don’t get too excited when I mean entire library I mean guest bathroom sized room full of books.

By the way speaking of books๐Ÿ˜‰

Willamena is a great book, written by moi. But you knew that if you took a gander at this blog. She can also be found at the cute emoji links. #treatyoself